Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall and Henry Fonda, The Petrified Forest (1955)

Change is the only constant thing in the world, but when is it due? When does change occur?

This is where I tell you my situation as of late and correlate it to what I’m feeling and what would be the topic today. And here’s the exception that I might be persuading you to be in awe or question on how the hell did I ever think about that? At all? Pretty predictable move, if you are now familiar with my writing style which I tell you, can be what makes me feel uncertain about writing another thing from the dilemma of what if I have talked about it already in the previous topics I have tackled or been elaborating the same as thing lately.

Perhaps now you may know why I wrote this, and if you are experiencing the same thing then we can talk further about it on my email or sent me a shout out.

Anyhow, being able to shift into something from what you are used to is really accommodating as adjustments can occur. Conjunctions are reliable source of transition, and other words that can partake to drifting off from one thing to another. Same goes with conversation with friends or people in general and they’d say on how they could tackle about topics alike and related to the ones they have started for hours.

As social beings we do enjoy the spontaneity of life, and living up to the expectations of the society dealing with how my first statement of this article is. It doesn’t have to be location of living on places we think might ensue us to act, but by how we think that everyday is different. Which is a great thing, or is it?

There are four sides of how change can be anticipated, not or overlooked. As one of my professors instructed with descriptions, we start from the optimistics, then we go downhill from there.

Captured, 1958 with caption “American Family Watching Television”.

1. Passive

This is what we see in a building that used it be a fast food chain or a bank and turns into a thrift shop or demolished completely. This can be gradual, where at least you practically notice the shift of change of things as it does. As well as the phenomenons at which science can contradict as soon as they have proven it through out the years that it isn’t just what is accepted now.

This is exciting for a while, that we accept these things as it happen or shown evidences such as visuals and all other forms that can be created as factual. We are used by this, that one day it can be all different but it takes time to do so. Like the promises that are fulfilled until they have accomplished, in due time. And when that it is all over, we start once again to wait for another stimuli to snap out of it.

In summary: as we see it, we anticipate.

Photograph of the Civil Rights March on Washington (Taken from National Archives Catalog)

2. Aggressive

Do you believe in something? No one believes in nothing even if you think it feels as if they don’t. They believe in things to happen, therefore they either usually influence people onto believing on what they think and usually this is thought as the change because previous beliefs are not in the frequencies of now. Back then, we don’t believe in things that are now accepted today, thanks to the fate of these people that pursued to fight through change.

The actions are usually unstructured, or otherwise. But as long as it speaks for something you’re giving it a chance to occur.

This is fruitful, at least. Even if this receives more backlash as you know it. That people can live to what is believed to be back then or it is beyond their comprehension to accept and tolerate. Eitherway, not everyone can be influence from these changes.

On the downside of things, being in this type of change can be opposite. Either politically or in general sense of your society. It depends. Therefore, we don’t know why exactly it is given but sometimes we still fight over the things we think aren’t necessary or it is wrong. According to us, even with the facts.

But when is change not right?

In summary: if you believe in it, then it will happen.

John Hurt

3. Drastic

Word itself describes how this can weigh on either sides of at least what can it lie into. Perspective ways upon it, sometimes people are trying to not accept these changes because it feels suddenly. Now we call it overwhelming thereafter. And some others will come up and say this is what it is, and how fascinating is it that people think that it can be such a simple thing to them.

Perhaps there are factors, like desensitization that eventually lets this qualify to being unnoticeable because it already occurred too many times. Or what they believe in becomes a strong force of how things are and it happens as it happens.

Not caring. Does it really address the problem? No. I agree that it doesn’t but usually this is where surprising changes can plummet.

No matter how alleviating or the flip side of that means, it is still different from the experiences of people and how they deal with such thing. In general, we are all the same. We response with defeat with what we are going to miss on the previous before what is now, and why does it had to happen. It’s only a matter of time of where we are and what do we do about it.

I often get overwhelmed, by being away of places I used to go to and also with the people that I might have thought the people that I will be with forever. This illusion now insinuates such a crucial thing with change, that we get so used about something that sometimes we become unaware about it until it has occurred.

In summary: we try to accept, but when will we?

San Francisco circa 1941. Restaurant counter. And another shot of the Buckley Music System “Music Box.”

4. Accepted

The highest form of change is usually is what we start to let ourselves think that it is for our betterment. This can be similar to aggressive change, yet it takes into an interpersonal level. Ever since then, I started to tell people that at the end of the day, only their selves can decide of what they should do asides from the advices that I might utter. (This doesn’t work sometimes, when sometimes people just want your support for a while. Ground rules.)

It can be moving from one place or another for the good of not only you but the also with the other people you are around with. If you are feeling stuck, you can start venturing to things that you might not have probably looked upon and been curious about it ever since.

By starting to reevaluating yourself from what you think can be right for you, and wrong about you.

But only a few people can do this, and I am one of the people that can’t. Being able to talk about this sometimes can be disappointing after a while of realizing why can’t I apply this to myself?

Time is an essence. That’s my answer. But sometimes, what thing you think you can’t let go is actually the ones you can still live without even after you have already done it.

In summary: what is good for you, takes sacrifices.

April 1943. Washington, D.C. Girl sitting alone in the Sea Grill waiting for a pickup

As pointed early on, we really try to deny which is a nature. But do we actually move on from it or we pretend to not see it until the office man pins a post it on our forehead? Coping skills can be tricky to discuss, but here’s one thing that I can assure you sums it up: we try. For the sake of everything, despite of looking back and replaying the past or pursuing the present with it’s presence we are not on the verge of pure irrationality when we still try. We are in fate that it would be different than today, even if we become emotionally unstable by it. Because why do we wake up for a new dawn in the first place?

As there is life, there is… life— justkidding — hope.

This is sponsored by the emotional investments I have made. Just kidding.

Did you like how I started writing this? I tried being objective, and I guess it can be hard to drift from what I have come used to especially with my point. But perhaps I’ll just merge my subjectiveness to it, without compromising one another. Of course.

Inspired by me and my mother singing Que Sera Sera.

Songs we can listen to: 1, 2, 3, 4




To write is my right. Licensed allied healthcare professional, freelance content writer. All glory to Him.

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Estephanie Jill BP

Estephanie Jill BP

To write is my right. Licensed allied healthcare professional, freelance content writer. All glory to Him.

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