Daredevil # 18, 2017

I am jumping back to the bandwagon to tell you a few things about what was a hurdle to elaborate upon my shortcomings since the start of this year. Also, about the whole time I’m on my presumably my last university summer break before life happens. To begin with the image that is showed to you, it’s plainly obvious of how this man is the villain to the story of a superhero storyline. The antagonizer I must say, that we always ask ourselves:

In the matter at hand you would say it will based on how they were treated wrongly or the fairness that’s not given to them in a way they desired to be, but in the first hand, what’s the basic element that drives us to aspire to be on the top of things?

Power. It is not just a lesson from Physics you’ll eventually forget and keep on remembering how much time you have wasted solving the series-parallel circuitry only to figure how do bulb and fluorescent light works. It’s everywhere, from the material things we use to the essence of human nature.

It shapes us as humans who have existed far long enough for me to be able to share these thoughts in a manner that I’m comfortable with, and blinds itself. In it’s own rhythm it creates it’s own nutshell that we won’t be able to discover until we’re given the challenge of iniquity of others with the same aspirations, or even if different, still in the league of doing something to reach upon a goal.

We aspire, and it’s not bad to do so. But why am I saying this?

I had a privilege to attend social science classes in my university as a requirement for my chosen program. It revolved around the society I am in, ideologies formed throughout the formation of other places and thrived towards understanding it’s own aspects from the actions done from history to, the future it holds.

One thing that caught my attention was the first day of class in this specific course, and we are not even talking about philosophy anymore, it was just my professor’s introduction towards studying the whole constitution.

Recalling what he mentioned, he asked us what was the goal of the wars between two existing countries? The warriors fighting each other in the terms conquering lands? And the persistence of an ideologies contradicting one another leading to what books may say, chaos?

The hint was already there in his statement, and for me before he explained furthermore of why does it exist and how it lets us give the chance to be written to history, I was already inflicted by it. And from hearing him say the exact word changes the whole realization of existence. For example, at that moment I realize of how self-centered we are and with groups, we survive.

But that’s not the point.

We take our dufflebag of uncertainty to fulfill it to have something to take pride of, to be able to pass down to generations of how much they have succeeded in terms of occurrences they have surpassed.

It’s actually wonderful. To know that your name will be remembered, because of this element. I am not against this at all, it’s not… even relevant anymore to mention villains. And it’s already the 21st century for us to still tackle about black and white perceptions. It’s more of a complex discussion about how much selfishness drives us to our own destinies.

It’s entertainment, and we take it in vigorously in the matters that we lose the element of perspectives. Again we are back from the drawing board of my questions earlier, and to answer all of them with power is broad and general. Do you have a wild guess? if so, think about it for a while before you proceed. If you have thought of what can worse it can be then you have come to the right place, and otherwise, just hold on that thought and be enlightened.

Villains represents to us the manifestation of power after the element embodies you: selfishness.

It is the nature that we have nurtured, the flavor to our main dish, and it depends on us on how we will utilize it with scrutiny. They said your words does not define someone, and judging someone is not our job, but our actions are. Another two pathways in our journey have appeared out of nowhere, and it’s effects are what shapes us for who we are exactly.

Ever heard the word altruism? I was only introduced by the word from my results of the MBTI personality test that signifies that we tend to people in need first before ourselves. It is something to look up into especially with the famous humans that has done enough for the lower class. Which has a psychological perspective that I am still dwelling on: that the most selfish action that a human can do is helping people. Simply because it contradicts the law of Newton, specifically the third law stating in every action there is an opposite reaction. It even solidifies in terms of coexisting through a give and take relationship, and it’s almost perfect. Because not only you have helped someone in need, you will also be given gratitude and make you feel like when you were given an excellent star stamp on the back of your hand for the first time (which I never got.)

The difference is in what mentioned above is that the villains in their story will have the law imposed to them and will always hammer down their ideologies in scrap.The perspective of selfishness we are always afraid to happen to us, to not be able to think about other’s sake and look upon things in our own perspective. It’s the burden we always hid from with the actions we do for the sake of ourselves and they all take it in as breakfast to dinner.

But like I said, we are not in the black and white perception of things anymore because we have terms in our lives that we are supposed to act on our behalf.

In reality, there are decisions in life we always have to think broadly and not just pinning our darts to the board with only two colors. We have to think of ourselves and for others to either benefit for the effects or see through the actuality of the matters at hand. Thus, getting older for me and knowing that it’s not just good and bad but there is a spectrum of consequences.

It’s just we can only do so much.

Even if we idolize the heroes in our fictitious endeavours, there will always be a limit to our capabilities and I am not discouraging you to aspire, better use your time to think of what are the things you have done that can be selfish or not. Who knows, maybe you are just as selfish as I am. And also, just don’t let it in your head. For you not to end up like the most popular villain in our world, Lucifer.

Phew, that was long. You’ve always had the power.

I want to know what you think, my comments are open for discussion and also for people who have come to read it from any social media account I posted it.

Inspired by:

Entry from James Lavin’s article: “The most selfish thing you can do is to help other people” http://www.jameslavin.com/articles/2010/01/17/the-most-selfish-thing-you-can-do-is-to-help-other-people/

Me trying to look over my actions and attending church last Sunday.


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